5 Reasons Why You Should Have A Photo Booth At Your Wedding

Why opt for a Photo Booth at your wedding?

When you mention a photo booth, most people picture a tiny box where they have to squeeze in to take photos. Open air photo booths are a great way to offer high quality photos and a fun experience without being crammed into a box.

An open air photo booth at a wedding is what you need to ensure that your guests have fun to the fullest...here’s why:

2017-4-20-82519 (1).jpg

1. More Space for Group Photos

There is nothing as memorable and fun as spontaneous group photos, and an open photo experience allows for this perfectly. It can accommodate a large number of people to take photos all at once without sacrificing the photo booth feeling that everyone loves.

2. Wider Array of Props

An open air photo booth comes with more props allowing your guests and friends to explore different looks which makes taking photos much more interesting and fun. In the open photo booth will allow people to try on different things and styles not forgetting there will be space to move around.


3. Professional Quality Photos

With an open air photo booth there is room for the photographer to set up professional lighting and even a better camera. This is a great thing that will allow you to have more high-quality photos than if you were using an enclosed booth. You can take some of these photos and put them into your official wedding photo album without having to worry about the quality.

4. Easy to Customize

You can customize the background of the photo kiosk into anything that you can picture. This is because there is more space for decorations and creativity. The best thing about an open photo booth is that you can still customize it on site. This allows you to style themed photos with matching props. This is a bit difficult to achieve when you are using an enclosed booth.


5. Photo Bomb Potential

It is impossible to photo bomb a photo being taken in a tiny enclosed box. However, Pixilated gives the perfect chance to execute a flawless photo bomb as many times as you would like. Photo bombing makes the experience much more fun and entertaining.

Now that you’re armed with information on how to create a great photo booth experience, check out how Pixilated’s open air photo booths can bring fun to your wedding! Get more information here.

Pixilated at the Pittsburgh Marathon: Round 2! | Green Monster Green Screen Activation

Over the past few years, GNC has been a great partner for Pixilated.  They have brought us on trips with them all over the country to bring amazing and fun photo activations to each city we deploy in.  One of the biggest events we work together on is GNC's setup at the Pittsburgh marathon.  GNC is a proud Pittsburgh based business and they love their city.  Thus, they wanted to provide an attraction that would catch everyone's eye and represent Pittsburgh.  Enter Pixilated and our Green Monster Backdrop with a live slideshow.

Our Green Monster Over-sized Backdrop is 10ft x 12ft and is hard for event attendees to miss.  People will come over to check out the giant green cloth, without knowing what it is.  That's why we paired it with our live slideshow.  This way, when on lookers approached, they would see the screen and then see the TV playing a slideshow of filled in backgrounds.  We had shots of marathon runners, The Incline, Heinz Field, and the Pittsburgh skyline.  This allowed marathon participants and their supporters to create a true Pittsburgh themed momento for the event.  

Over the course of our 2- day activation, we had numerous families come through, some multiple times.  Attendees loved being able to take multiple shots using different poses to match the background.  Allowing the people being photographed to use their creativity to make the photo their own is a key value at Pixilated.  And we can't wait to see how you get Pixilated next!



Pixilated Gets Lit | Light Painting at the Sagamore Pendry Hotel Opening

Recently, we've been fine-tuning our existing products and rolling out new features for our partners to experience.  One of the newest products is our Light Painting package.  Light Painting places event attendees into an immersive experience that they control!  

We use photography and lights to create dazzling designs in your photos.  Attendees can choose from different colors, patterns, and even programmable logos to customize their photos.  To properly roll out this product, we knew we had to showcase it at a big event.  That's why we chose the Grand Opening of the Sagamore Pendry Hotel in Fell's Point.  Baltimore's event industry and social life trendsetters would be in attendance and would buzz on social media if we gave them a memorable experience.  

With rainbow backgrounds, flashing wands, and shiny hats, guests added flair to the already stunning venue.  As the night went on, we began to curate the experience for the party goers to make enjoying the event even easier.  By the end, we had created powerful and shareable content to commemorate the opening of Baltimore's newest event space.  Now that's Pixilated.

We're Off and Running... Err... Biking! | Our Weekend with Under Armour and Bridge the Gap DC

If you've been keeping up with Pixilated recently, it may seem as though we're always on the move.  And, that's because we quite literally are!  From flying to Nashville and Vegas, to driving all over our home state of Maryland, we're never taking a break!  But when Under Armour asked us to join them for a weekend in DC to help bring fun social sharing to Bridge the Gap DC, we were moving like we'd never done before!

First off, Under Armour knows how to get Pixilated in our photo booths, and they know we can push the limits of an amazing photo experience.  So they asked us to bring a classic kiosk for photo fun during shake out runs for the Monument Relay.  Simple.  Then, they also asked if we could do full body GIFs for an after party Saturday night.  It took some tweaking to one of our booths, but we made it happen.  And finally, we were asked if we were able to supply roaming photographers during the Monument Relay Shake Out Runs, who could bike to key locations before the runners arrived and capture pics of the groups.  Biking photographers?  That's a first, but Pixilated hasn't ever strayed away from trying to produce new experiences.

Armed with our assembled team of photographers including Julie Andersen, Giovani Vargas, and our own Pixilators, we headed to DC to cause some social media noise.  Not even the rainy weather was going to get in our way.  If these runners were up for the challenge, so were we.  From the Capitol Building, to the Washington Monument, to the Lincoln Memorial, we were getting the shot.

 But all work and no play make completing a job difficult, so before and after the runs, we hosted some ways for runners to cut loose and relax.  We posted up at The Potomac River Running Store and Big Chief with a 12 ft backdrop, so the athletes who we *tried* to keep up with could still get their photos.  

All in all, we created some amazing content, that people couldn't wait to share.  We call that a successful weekend at Pixilated. 

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Take Me Out to the Ball Game | Opening Day Activations with MASN

One thing we pride ourselves on at Pixilated is our ability to produce multiple, amazing, photo experiences simultaneously.  We have a rock star team of Pixilators who work our events and are willing to travel just about anywhere we ask them to.  So it's comforting to know when a client such as MASN (Mid-Atlantic Sports Network), asks you to run two Opening Day activations for them at Camden Yards and Nationals Park, you have the team who can pull it off.  And really, they did more than pulling it off.  They produced two high-quality events that mirrored each other in effectiveness, with two different brand messages, well over 30 miles apart.  

Pixilated has done sporting events before, but we had clear expectations going into these events.  MASN wanted to give fans an easy and fun way to show off their team pride on Opening Day, but also to encourage fans to connect with their favorite teams via MASN's text alerts.  These messages give fans score updates, injury news, and other info related to team players and games.  So every time a guest would send themselves a text or email of their photo from our booth, they would also receive short instructions on how to sign up.

With Pixilated's photo sharing capabilities working alongside MASN's event crew, who passed out info cards also detailing the text alerts, everyone in Baltimore and DC knew the best place to get their baseball news.  Our team was clad in O's/Nats' gear and we brought our own props to match the occasions.  Fans couldn't get enough of the booths, and with MASN's targeted social media strategy, fans were able to receive their message while having a blast.

Do you think Pixilated would be a good addition to your next sporting event?  Check out the contact  form in the top right, and tell us your ideas!  Thanks for getiing Pixilated! 



Lights, Cameras, Action! | Pixilated Helps Brands and Fans Make the Most of Light City 2017

March 31st marked the kickoff for the 2nd annual Light City celebration that has come to Baltimore.  Light City is the first large-scale festival of lights, music, and innovation in the US.  During the week long event hosted throughout the city, but with a focus on the waterfront of the Inner Harbor, Light City offers works of light themed art, concerts at various venues, and conferences with specific tracks focused on innovation.   

The festival is supported by Baltimore's biggest brands such as BGE, Kaiser Permanente, and Brown Advisory, to help bring together the art, special events, and the Labs@Light City conferences.  Each Lab is curated around one of five themes: Health, Green Energy, Social Improvement, Design, and Food.  Pixilated has been a part of the Labs registration for 2 years now.  We set up four photo kiosks designed to do headshot registration for each of the conferences.  This provides an interactive way for conference attendees to become involved in the event right from the get go.

Attendees simply sat for a headshot photo, entered their full name and company, and then hit print.  Each badge is customized to the theme of the conference so people who come to multiple can have a collection of badges for the week featuring the lead sponsor for each day!  Pixilated also sponsored the lanyards for the Labs, meaning attendees were wearing "Pixilated" around their necks all day and into the night as they checked out the light installations.  They also have a brandable keepsake to use after the conferences have passed to hold keys, or hang their favorite photo from their rearview mirror!

We also provided a separate registration booth for the VIP Green Room where speakers and MCs could skip the line and get their photo taken so they would have more time to prepare for their time on stage.  

Pixilated was also active in the parties outside of the Labs!  On the opening night, BGE hosted a kickoff party at the Top of the World.  Pixilated was asked to create a smaller scale registration system to help people network while at the party.  We used green screen backgrounds to create Light City themed portraits for the name tags.  In order to connect with the general public looking at the art, BGE also had us design and activate custom Snapchat Geofilters for them around the Inner Harbor. 

For three nights of the week, we partnered with Downtown Partnership to bring fun to their VIP tent on the corner of Light St. and Pratt St., and to help the partiers at the LIT City dance party show what a good time they were having dancing under the St. Paul St. bridge.  We saved the biggest activation for Startup Soirée, where we set up a 12ftx 10ft green screen-- stocked with Light City neon backgrounds-- with full body shots, to allow people to show off their best poses from top to bottom.  This idea was inspired by recent work we had done with Under Armour for Bridge the Gap DC... but we'll get to that later.  For now, thanks for reading.  Find your way to #getpixilated by reaching out using the contact form in the top right!