Strengthening Partnerships at Country Radio Seminar | Pixilated & Sony Music Nashville

Old Dominion Nasville

Country Radio Seminar (CRS) is an annual gathering of the major players in the country music industry - artists, artist managers, radio station and streaming service leaders, record labels, talent agencies, and more.  CRS week is a time where labels establish and grow relationships with radio.  It's also an ideal time for artists to showcase upcoming releases and rub elbows with the folks who help to decide which songs we hear on the air.  As one of the "Big Three" global record companies, Sony Music has a huge presence at CRS every year; however, this year the Sony Nashville team wanted to offer an even better experience for their partners in radio.  Enter Pixilated!

Country Radio Marketing

An annual tradition for Sony Nashville at CRS is their "Girls Night Out" (GNO) event.  GNO is an opportunity for the label to celebrate and give thanks to successful and influential women in the radio business -- an industry that has historically seen a higher percentage of men in executive roles.  This year, Sony Nashville recording artist Old Dominion was the musical centerpiece of GNO.  In addition to previewing the band's brand new single and providing massages, mani/pedis, and fantastic food and drinks, Sony Nashville wanted to create a fun and exciting way for all of the GNO ladies to capture a photo opp with the members of Old Dominion.  Pixilated supplied a green screen photo experience for the meet & greet with custom backdrops aligned with the band, the event, and the location. 

We also included a photo overlay that promoted the brand new single and custom Snapchat Geofilters that were specific to GNO and Old Dominion.  The environment of the Pixilated experience was a major upgrade over the traditional "grip and grin" photo opp, and the huge smiles and silly group poses were more shining examples of what always seems to happen when our customers bring in Pixilated.

Country Radio Seminar

But Sony wasn't done with us after one night.   The next evening, Sony hosted an Open House & Artist Reception at their new Nashville office space.  The guest list included similar types from the previous night, except all genders were included and more artists were in the house -- including superstars like Kenny Chesney and Brad Paisley!  Being the superb host that Sony is, they know that a great way to engage and entertain party guests is a Pixilated photo experience.  For the Open House, we supplied custom green screens, Snapchat Geofilters, and of course, a studio quality photo kiosk. 

We also featured a waterfall slideshow of the photos taken in real-time -- a tremendous additional 'party decoration' in the main gathering space.  Sony wanted their green screens to tell the story of Sony's and Nashville's shared history.  We included old vinyl records, a Nashville skyline, an artist rendering of the Tennessee flag, and a venue stage with performing lights.  We even found a large prop of Nipper, the famous dog from the painting His Master's Voice and one half of the "Dog and Gramophone" logo that has been a part of the Sony label family (RCA Records, specifically) for generations.  Needless to say, Nipper was a huge hit, and we were definitely jealous of the many kisses he received in our photos.

His Master's Voice.jpg

Aligning the look and feel of the Pixilated experience with the story and theme of any event is what makes Pixilated solutions much more impactful than traditional offerings.  Both CRS events were huge successes for Sony Nashville, and attendees of each event left with unforgettable photo memories...many of which ended up on social media accounts!

And that is what it means to get Pixilated.

Photo Bombs, Group Shots, & More | Why You Should Choose an Open Air Photo Booth

Why opt for a Pixilated open air photo booth at your wedding?

When you mention photo booth, most people picture a tiny box where they have to squeeze in to take photos. This is true for closed photo booths; however, you have the option of renting an open photo booth which is just as much fun, but offers a lot more space for you to enjoy taking photos. An open air photo booth at a wedding is what you need to ensure that your guests have fun to the's why:

Baltimore Green Screen Photo Booth

1. More Space for Group Photos

There is nothing as memorable and fun as spontaneous group photos, and an open photo experience allows for this perfectly. It can accommodate a large number of people to take photos all at once without sacrificing the photo booth feeling that everyone loves.

2. Wider Array of Props

An open air photo booth comes with more props allowing your guests and friends to explore different looks which makes taking photos much more interesting and fun. In the open photo booth will allow people to try on different things and styles not forgetting there will be space to move around.

Washington DC Politics Photo Booth.jpg

3. Professional Quality Photos

With an open air photo booth there is room for the photographer to set up professional lighting and even a better camera. This is a great thing that will allow you to have more high-quality photos than if you were using an enclosed booth. You can take some of these photos and put them into your official wedding photo album without having to worry about the quality.

4. Easy to Customize

You can customize the background of the photo kiosk into anything that you can picture. This is because there is more space for decorations and creativity. The best thing about an open photo booth is that you can still customize it on site. This allows you to style themed photos with matching props. This is a bit difficult to achieve when you are using an enclosed booth.

Flower Wall Photo Booth

5. Photo Bomb Potential

It is impossible to photo bomb a photo being taken in a tiny enclosed box. However, Pixilated gives the perfect chance to execute a flawless photo bomb as many times as you would like. Photo bombing makes the experience much more fun and entertaining.

Now you're prepared to make the case for a Pixilated open air photo booth experience at your next event!  If you have any more questions, check out the contact form at the top right of this page!  

Turning Memories Into Mementos | Photos Are For More Than Social Media

In recent years, photo booths have started to realize that it's the 21st century. Technology has slowly been improving around features and upgrades that you can purchase for your booth rental.  Need to email or text photos to yourself straight from the booth?  Done.  Want to feel as though you're on a California beach, while it's 30 degrees in DC?  Transported.  Interested in turning your photos into GIFs?  Animated.

Beach Green Screen

Your photo booth experience is becoming more and more customizable and digital.  And that's awesome.  We love this digital transition.  It makes our job easier and allows us to create unforgettable experiences for you.  Nothing makes us happier than that.  But we're admittedly the sentimental sort. 

We love holding those 4x6 custom prints and looking at test photos from events long gone.  We even have a wall full of 'em in our office.

However, sometimes you come across those prints where two of your three shots are great.  Stunning even.  But, alas, there's that third shot.  

The one that has you looking like you're not sure where you are.  The one that has your significant other with their eyes closed.  The one that has your friend adjusting their banana suit mid-photo and it doesn't turn out quite right.  

You know the one.

Now there is value in having those pics.  Seeing the flaws in them and loving the memories anyway is comforting.  But, wouldn't it be nice to just have that photo of your romantic kiss?  Maybe even having that picture from your sister's bridal shower where the light hit you just right?  Well fear not.  You can have all of this and more.  

Did you know you can find your photos in your event gallery we host, and design cool gifts and prints right from that page?  The perfect melding of the digital future and our sentimental selves.  

You just click on the photo you like, choose "Buy Photo," then "This Photo," and all of a sudden a new world of birthday gifts and personal mementos has opened up to you.  

Mugs, phone cases, canvases, you name it.  Now you have more ways to remember all the good times you shared with your boss at that conference in Philadelphia.  

Tell ya what.  Here's a discount code to make your purchase even more enjoyable.  Use code PixiPrints10 to get 10% off any prints you order.  

What was that? Aw shucks.  We love you too.

Have questions about purchasing items from your Smugmug gallery?  Is your photo in a gallery that's part of Pixilated history and can't find it?  Drop us a line with the contact form at the top right.  We're always here to help.

Thanks for reading and for always thinking of new ways to #getpixilated.  

Open Houses Help Open Doors | Urbanstems Flower Wall & the BMI

Howdy Pixi-people!  Here at Pixilated things have been moving and shaking (not just because we put out a sweet new playlist).  But all of these new happenings meant, we didn't get the chance to write about an exciting event we did about a month ago. 

On January 10th, the Baltimore Museum of Industry hosted a Wedding Open House where soon to be married couples could explore to find DJs, florists, caterers, and more!  We were honored to be the premier photo booth in attendance, so we wanted to make sure we took the opportunity and knocked it out of the park!

Cue our friends at Urbanstems .  In the past, we have partnered with Urbanstems to create beautiful flower wall backdrops for events with City Garage, Betamore, Plank Industries, and Sagamore Ventures.  So we thought it could be a hit if we offered flower wall backdrops as purchasable items for weddings!

Boy were we right!  Attendees could not take enough photos in our booth!  Few things are social media gold quite like sharing a picture of you and your boo posing in front of posies... and other flowers.  

We love collaborating with our event partners to bring you new and innovative ways to celebrate any occasion.  We even feature some of them on the "Our Team" page of our website (we see you Intrinsic Events).  That's how seriously we take our partnerships.  

Check out our video from the event below! 

So do you think you might be interested in a flower wall photo booth for your wedding?  Have an idea for your wedding and want to see if we can pull it off?  Let us know by filling out the contact form in the top right sidebar of this page!  We'd love to hear from you.  

Stay classy and stay pixilated.

Guerilla Tactics in Experiential Marketing | Coors Light & 98.5 KYGO

If you know Pixilated well, you'll hear us talk about doing things "The Pixilated Way."  In short, this means that we know we're the underdog and that isn't going to stop us from out innovating, out hustling, and out pixilating the competition.  Think 6th round pick quarterback becoming future Hall of Famer level chip on our shoulders.  We're a small business, in a small market city, with big heart.  

So one of our favorite tactics at larger events such as Bonnaroo or Beta City is to quietly make sure we put our hands on every aspect of digital marketing pre-event.  That means sending in a team clad in Pixilated tees and hoodies, placing snapchat filters, setting up live slideshows, and of course, making sure the Pixilated kiosks are fired up and running.  Then, when the doors swing open and attendees arrive, our work is the first thing everyone notices.  Whether they know we are responsible or not.  That's guerilla marketing.

Using guerilla marketing tactics are easy for a growing business like Pixilated.  A lot of people outside of Baltimore, DC, and Philadelphia aren't familiar with our brand.  Seeing us show up is a surprise and they instantly love the products.  But, how does a large company such as GNC or Coors Light add shock value to an event when their brand is so well known?  How do they keep their experiential marketing campaigns fresh?  Big brands call in the event "take-over" experts.  

98.5 KYGO was looking to provide value to sponsor Coors Light for their free concert event.  They needed a platform that allowed for heavy branding and visibility, while also providing an immersive fan experience.  Enter Pixilated.  We helped set up a custom meet and greet photo shoot with bands from the concert, had live slideshows on multiple monitors, custom snapchat filters for each band, AND custom green screens for the event.  

Once a company teaches us about their brand and the message they want it to send, we can turn that personality into an experience.  Once people attend the event, that experience becomes a feeling, and that feeling is what sticks with your audience.  And every time a person looks at the photos on their Instagram, or watch that video they uploaded to Youtube, months after the event, that feeling comes back.  And your audience will appreciate you more for it.  

Peace Y'all.