We're Off and Running... Err... Biking! | Our Weekend with Under Armour and Bridge the Gap DC

If you've been keeping up with Pixilated recently, it may seem as though we're always on the move.  And, that's because we quite literally are!  From flying to Nashville and Vegas, to driving all over our home state of Maryland, we're never taking a break!  But when Under Armour asked us to join them for a weekend in DC to help bring fun social sharing to Bridge the Gap DC, we were moving like we'd never done before!

First off, Under Armour knows how to get Pixilated in our photo booths, and they know we can push the limits of an amazing photo experience.  So they asked us to bring a classic kiosk for photo fun during shake out runs for the Monument Relay.  Simple.  Then, they also asked if we could do full body GIFs for an after party Saturday night.  It took some tweaking to one of our booths, but we made it happen.  And finally, we were asked if we were able to supply roaming photographers during the Monument Relay Shake Out Runs, who could bike to key locations before the runners arrived and capture pics of the groups.  Biking photographers?  That's a first, but Pixilated hasn't ever strayed away from trying to produce new experiences.

Armed with our assembled team of photographers including Julie Andersen, Giovani Vargas, and our own Pixilators, we headed to DC to cause some social media noise.  Not even the rainy weather was going to get in our way.  If these runners were up for the challenge, so were we.  From the Capitol Building, to the Washington Monument, to the Lincoln Memorial, we were getting the shot.

 But all work and no play make completing a job difficult, so before and after the runs, we hosted some ways for runners to cut loose and relax.  We posted up at The Potomac River Running Store and Big Chief with a 12 ft backdrop, so the athletes who we *tried* to keep up with could still get their photos.  

All in all, we created some amazing content, that people couldn't wait to share.  We call that a successful weekend at Pixilated. 

Get Mixilated 4/19/17

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Take Me Out to the Ball Game | Opening Day Activations with MASN

One thing we pride ourselves on at Pixilated is our ability to produce multiple, amazing, photo experiences simultaneously.  We have a rock star team of Pixilators who work our events and are willing to travel just about anywhere we ask them to.  So it's comforting to know when a client such as MASN (Mid-Atlantic Sports Network), asks you to run two Opening Day activations for them at Camden Yards and Nationals Park, you have the team who can pull it off.  And really, they did more than pulling it off.  They produced two high-quality events that mirrored each other in effectiveness, with two different brand messages, well over 30 miles apart.  

Pixilated has done sporting events before, but we had clear expectations going into these events.  MASN wanted to give fans an easy and fun way to show off their team pride on Opening Day, but also to encourage fans to connect with their favorite teams via MASN's text alerts.  These messages give fans score updates, injury news, and other info related to team players and games.  So every time a guest would send themselves a text or email of their photo from our booth, they would also receive short instructions on how to sign up.

With Pixilated's photo sharing capabilities working alongside MASN's event crew, who passed out info cards also detailing the text alerts, everyone in Baltimore and DC knew the best place to get their baseball news.  Our team was clad in O's/Nats' gear and we brought our own props to match the occasions.  Fans couldn't get enough of the booths, and with MASN's targeted social media strategy, fans were able to receive their message while having a blast.

Do you think Pixilated would be a good addition to your next sporting event?  Check out the contact  form in the top right, and tell us your ideas!  Thanks for getiing Pixilated! 



Lights, Cameras, Action! | Pixilated Helps Brands and Fans Make the Most of Light City 2017

March 31st marked the kickoff for the 2nd annual Light City celebration that has come to Baltimore.  Light City is the first large-scale festival of lights, music, and innovation in the US.  During the week long event hosted throughout the city, but with a focus on the waterfront of the Inner Harbor, Light City offers works of light themed art, concerts at various venues, and conferences with specific tracks focused on innovation.   

The festival is supported by Baltimore's biggest brands such as BGE, Kaiser Permanente, and Brown Advisory, to help bring together the art, special events, and the Labs@Light City conferences.  Each Lab is curated around one of five themes: Health, Green Energy, Social Improvement, Design, and Food.  Pixilated has been a part of the Labs registration for 2 years now.  We set up four photo kiosks designed to do headshot registration for each of the conferences.  This provides an interactive way for conference attendees to become involved in the event right from the get go.

Attendees simply sat for a headshot photo, entered their full name and company, and then hit print.  Each badge is customized to the theme of the conference so people who come to multiple can have a collection of badges for the week featuring the lead sponsor for each day!  Pixilated also sponsored the lanyards for the Labs, meaning attendees were wearing "Pixilated" around their necks all day and into the night as they checked out the light installations.  They also have a brandable keepsake to use after the conferences have passed to hold keys, or hang their favorite photo from their rearview mirror!

We also provided a separate registration booth for the VIP Green Room where speakers and MCs could skip the line and get their photo taken so they would have more time to prepare for their time on stage.  

Pixilated was also active in the parties outside of the Labs!  On the opening night, BGE hosted a kickoff party at the Top of the World.  Pixilated was asked to create a smaller scale registration system to help people network while at the party.  We used green screen backgrounds to create Light City themed portraits for the name tags.  In order to connect with the general public looking at the art, BGE also had us design and activate custom Snapchat Geofilters for them around the Inner Harbor. 

For three nights of the week, we partnered with Downtown Partnership to bring fun to their VIP tent on the corner of Light St. and Pratt St., and to help the partiers at the LIT City dance party show what a good time they were having dancing under the St. Paul St. bridge.  We saved the biggest activation for Startup Soirée, where we set up a 12ftx 10ft green screen-- stocked with Light City neon backgrounds-- with full body shots, to allow people to show off their best poses from top to bottom.  This idea was inspired by recent work we had done with Under Armour for Bridge the Gap DC... but we'll get to that later.  For now, thanks for reading.  Find your way to #getpixilated by reaching out using the contact form in the top right!  

Level Up! | Torrey Smith Family Fund Charity Basketball Weekend

Since being drafted into the NFL, wide receiver Torrey Smith hosts an annual charity basketball game in Baltimore, MD.  Pixilated co-founder Nic China has been friends with Torrey and his wife Chanel for years, and has been a long-time supporter of the Smith's community efforts.  Pixilated has been involved with this event in years past and 2017 was no different. 

Torrey and Chanel founded the Torrey Smith Family Fund "to provide youth with the tools they need to identify, unleash, and reach their full potential."  Past initiatives include the Reading Oasis projects, Back to School Fun Fest, Holiday Cheer, the Tevin Jones Scholarship Fund, and their latest initiative: the L.E.V.E.L. Up movement.  The basketball game and events that surround it are focused on raising awareness and support for the Torrey Smith Family Fund.

The weekend began with a VIP dinner at the Center Club which was attended by friends, partners, players, and supporters.  Torrey and Chanel discussed the success of the Fund in 2016 and their plans moving forward.  There was dinner, music, and a Q&A with Torrey, Chanel, and Qadry Ismail.  Pixilated provided attendees with the opportunity for a photo shoot with Torrey and also allowed guests to cut loose after the formalities.  There was a positive tone surrounding the plans the Family Fund had made for 2017 and guests showed off their excitement in the booth.  People who got a photo with Torrey also received an autographed frame for their photo as a thank you gift.

The main event, the charity basketball game, took place the next day at Royal Farms Arena.  Two teams compiled with current and former NFL players, musicians, comedians, and other stars hit the court to face off.  Teams were headlined by Torrey Smith, Anquan Boldin, Ed Reed, Qadry Ismail, and Terrance West, all current or former Ravens.  Before the game started, fans poured into the venue and were able to get Pixilated before making their way to their seats.  Families posed and laughed (and maybe got photobombed) as they learned about the L.E.V.E.L. Movement.  

L.E.V.E.L. is an acronym for Leadership, Education, Vision, Effort, and Love.  Each is a value that Torrey and Chanel want to teach and nurture in the school students they support.  The Torrey Smith Family Fund does this by providing mentorship and resources to students as they progress through middle school, high school, and into college.  

Pixilated also provided roaming photographers for the events.  We were able to catch moments outside of our kiosk space as well as inside the arena!  From on the court action, to intimate dinner conversation, Pixilated captured the weekend from every angle.  

The Pixi | Hashtag Printing Simplified

Here at Pixilated, we’re pretty excited to introduce our newest product: The Pixi. Now, your party guests can snap, post, and print any photos they want from their own mobile devices. Here’s how it works-

1: Turn on The Pixi and pick a unique and custom hashtag

2: Encourage party-goers to post photos via social media using the hashtag you’ve chosen

3: Once a photo is posted with the chosen hashtag, the photo can be selected for printing.  All print-outs are brandable to fit your event!

That’s it. Super simple. The best part? Our customers LOVE it.


From a creative perspective, the Pixi brings a unique experience to it’s users by putting the camera in their hands. Rather than posing for a photo- the Pixi enables party guests to take their own photos (yes, selfies included), edit it as they wish, and print immediately. When party-goers realize that any and all of their photos can be printed, they are motivated to take higher quality and more exciting photos while at your event.


In addition to promoting better photography, the Pixi also promotes MORE photography and, in turn, boosts your event’s social reach. When guests are given the opportunity to print their photos on-site (once they post to social media using your custom hashtag, of course), the result is MORE posts, tweets, shares, views, likes, impressions.

At eTail West, an international retail convention, thousands of attendees were encouraged by The Pixi to post photos including the hashtag #etailwest. The results were... well, see for yourself: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/etailwest/


Pens, pencils, bottle openers, bouncy balls. How many of these party favors do we keep and how many get put in a drawer, or better yet, the trash? With the Pixi, give your guests something that they’re proud to share via social media and take home. We find that our guests keep photos printed by the Pixi for longer than any other takeaway- not only on their refrigerator but on their Instagram feeds as well.  All the while, your brand is seen on a fresh 4x6 layout for years to come. 

Strengthening Partnerships at Country Radio Seminar | Pixilated & Sony Music Nashville

Old Dominion Nasville

Country Radio Seminar (CRS) is an annual gathering of the major players in the country music industry - artists, artist managers, radio station and streaming service leaders, record labels, talent agencies, and more.  CRS week is a time where labels establish and grow relationships with radio.  It's also an ideal time for artists to showcase upcoming releases and rub elbows with the folks who help to decide which songs we hear on the air.  As one of the "Big Three" global record companies, Sony Music has a huge presence at CRS every year; however, this year the Sony Nashville team wanted to offer an even better experience for their partners in radio.  Enter Pixilated!

Country Radio Marketing

An annual tradition for Sony Nashville at CRS is their "Girls Night Out" (GNO) event.  GNO is an opportunity for the label to celebrate and give thanks to successful and influential women in the radio business -- an industry that has historically seen a higher percentage of men in executive roles.  This year, Sony Nashville recording artist Old Dominion was the musical centerpiece of GNO.  In addition to previewing the band's brand new single and providing massages, mani/pedis, and fantastic food and drinks, Sony Nashville wanted to create a fun and exciting way for all of the GNO ladies to capture a photo opp with the members of Old Dominion.  Pixilated supplied a green screen photo experience for the meet & greet with custom backdrops aligned with the band, the event, and the location. 

We also included a photo overlay that promoted the brand new single and custom Snapchat Geofilters that were specific to GNO and Old Dominion.  The environment of the Pixilated experience was a major upgrade over the traditional "grip and grin" photo opp, and the huge smiles and silly group poses were more shining examples of what always seems to happen when our customers bring in Pixilated.

Country Radio Seminar

But Sony wasn't done with us after one night.   The next evening, Sony hosted an Open House & Artist Reception at their new Nashville office space.  The guest list included similar types from the previous night, except all genders were included and more artists were in the house -- including superstars like Kenny Chesney and Brad Paisley!  Being the superb host that Sony is, they know that a great way to engage and entertain party guests is a Pixilated photo experience.  For the Open House, we supplied custom green screens, Snapchat Geofilters, and of course, a studio quality photo kiosk. 

We also featured a waterfall slideshow of the photos taken in real-time -- a tremendous additional 'party decoration' in the main gathering space.  Sony wanted their green screens to tell the story of Sony's and Nashville's shared history.  We included old vinyl records, a Nashville skyline, an artist rendering of the Tennessee flag, and a venue stage with performing lights.  We even found a large prop of Nipper, the famous dog from the painting His Master's Voice and one half of the "Dog and Gramophone" logo that has been a part of the Sony label family (RCA Records, specifically) for generations.  Needless to say, Nipper was a huge hit, and we were definitely jealous of the many kisses he received in our photos.

His Master's Voice.jpg

Aligning the look and feel of the Pixilated experience with the story and theme of any event is what makes Pixilated solutions much more impactful than traditional offerings.  Both CRS events were huge successes for Sony Nashville, and attendees of each event left with unforgettable photo memories...many of which ended up on social media accounts!

And that is what it means to get Pixilated.