Printable Photo Booth Props | The Halloween Edition

With Halloween just around the corner we thought we’d put together a really incredible collection of free printable Halloween photo booth props for all of you amazing Pixilated People out there. Halloween party photo booths are really, really fun. We should know. However sometimes you gotta take the low key approach and here at Pixilated Photo Booth we get that. In fact, you rule!

We’ve tried to design a really cool assortment of Halloween masks, glasses, lips and wigs for you to easily make. These could also be a really awesome craft project for kids to take part in and prepare for the fast approaching madness that is Halloween.

We’re constructing our props using a firm poster board. This will make it easier to cut out the finer details. If you want your props to be more durable you can always mount them on cardboard instead. We’re also using black pencils for our prop sticks so when the fun is over you can pull them off, sharpen them up and get back to that math homework! The fun has to end sometime right? See a material list below.

White Construction Board
Spray Mount
Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue Sticks

How to make DIY Printable Photo Booth Props from Pixilated Photobooth on Vimeo.

Alright guys, go forth and Get Pixilated!

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