Open Houses Help Open Doors | Urbanstems Flower Wall & the BMI

Howdy Pixi-people!  Here at Pixilated things have been moving and shaking (not just because we put out a sweet new playlist).  But all of these new happenings meant, we didn't get the chance to write about an exciting event we did about a month ago. 

On January 10th, the Baltimore Museum of Industry hosted a Wedding Open House where soon to be married couples could explore to find DJs, florists, caterers, and more!  We were honored to be the premier photo booth in attendance, so we wanted to make sure we took the opportunity and knocked it out of the park!

Cue our friends at Urbanstems .  In the past, we have partnered with Urbanstems to create beautiful flower wall backdrops for events with City Garage, Betamore, Plank Industries, and Sagamore Ventures.  So we thought it could be a hit if we offered flower wall backdrops as purchasable items for weddings!

Boy were we right!  Attendees could not take enough photos in our booth!  Few things are social media gold quite like sharing a picture of you and your boo posing in front of posies... and other flowers.  

We love collaborating with our event partners to bring you new and innovative ways to celebrate any occasion.  We even feature some of them on the "Our Team" page of our website (we see you Intrinsic Events).  That's how seriously we take our partnerships.  

Check out our video from the event below! 

So do you think you might be interested in a flower wall photo booth for your wedding?  Have an idea for your wedding and want to see if we can pull it off?  Let us know by filling out the contact form in the top right sidebar of this page!  We'd love to hear from you.  

Stay classy and stay pixilated.

Guerilla Tactics in Experiential Marketing | Coors Light & 98.5 KYGO

If you know Pixilated well, you'll hear us talk about doing things "The Pixilated Way."  In short, this means that we know we're the underdog and that isn't going to stop us from out innovating, out hustling, and out pixilating the competition.  Think 6th round pick quarterback becoming future Hall of Famer level chip on our shoulders.  We're a small business, in a small market city, with big heart.  

So one of our favorite tactics at larger events such as Bonnaroo or Beta City is to quietly make sure we put our hands on every aspect of digital marketing pre-event.  That means sending in a team clad in Pixilated tees and hoodies, placing snapchat filters, setting up live slideshows, and of course, making sure the Pixilated kiosks are fired up and running.  Then, when the doors swing open and attendees arrive, our work is the first thing everyone notices.  Whether they know we are responsible or not.  That's guerilla marketing.

Using guerilla marketing tactics are easy for a growing business like Pixilated.  A lot of people outside of Baltimore, DC, and Philadelphia aren't familiar with our brand.  Seeing us show up is a surprise and they instantly love the products.  But, how does a large company such as GNC or Coors Light add shock value to an event when their brand is so well known?  How do they keep their experiential marketing campaigns fresh?  Big brands call in the event "take-over" experts.  

98.5 KYGO was looking to provide value to sponsor Coors Light for their free concert event.  They needed a platform that allowed for heavy branding and visibility, while also providing an immersive fan experience.  Enter Pixilated.  We helped set up a custom meet and greet photo shoot with bands from the concert, had live slideshows on multiple monitors, custom snapchat filters for each band, AND custom green screens for the event.  

Once a company teaches us about their brand and the message they want it to send, we can turn that personality into an experience.  Once people attend the event, that experience becomes a feeling, and that feeling is what sticks with your audience.  And every time a person looks at the photos on their Instagram, or watch that video they uploaded to Youtube, months after the event, that feeling comes back.  And your audience will appreciate you more for it.  

Peace Y'all.





Jimmy's Famous Seafood | Bringing Photo Fun to Local Traditions

We recently started a series dedicated to showing how Pixilated is helping organizations with historic and strong community roots, enhance attendee experiences at their events.  The Walters Art Museum was our first stop as we explored how one of Baltimore's oldest institutions is using 21st century events technology to build their brand.  

Next up is a Baltimore seafood staple, Jimmy's Famous Seafood.  Jimmy's opened in 1974, which doesn't seem too old for Monument City, but the restaurant has captured the love of the city for its world famous crab cakes.  Jimmy's renowned food has made it more than a local eatery, but a Mid-Atlantic destination. Pixilated has had it's fair share of good times capturing why people love Jimmy's so much.

Baltimore restaurants and bars are known for being blue collar and keeping things simple with their food.  Jimmy's is the same, using family recipes since it's opening.  But where Jimmy's differs from your typical local spot is their talent for marketing and creating fun experiences.  

Take Jimmy's annual Super Bowl Party for example.  This event sells out yearly and brings their community together in one place for laughs and plenty of food-- no matter who's playing in the big game.  Jimmy's adds an extra splash of excitement to the event by inviting Pixilated to join.  Jimmy's partners with a liquor sponsor to rent our photo booth, and all of a sudden photo magic is in the air.

Custom vinyl backdrop in every shot, social accounts getting blown up with tags and mentions, and our favorite, custom photo prints being tacked on refrigerators, bedroom mirrors, and dorm walls.  Things you can look back on once the food is devoured and the beer is guzzled.  That's how memories are made and value is gained.  The Pixilated way.    



Pixilator Attends the Women's March in DC 1.21.17

Our Pixilator Jackie Wheeler joined the Women's March on Washington in D.C. last weekend. Check out some of the photos she captured on her journey! 

Did you attend the Women's March? We'd love to hear about your experience in the comments below!

The Walters Art Museum | Bringing Photo Fun to Local Traditions

Everyone has heard the expression "you can't teach an old dog new tricks." People use this phrase when it seems impossible to get a person or a group of people to adapt to new ideas.  Does Grandma have trouble understanding how Spotify let's her listen to Sinatra without a record player?  Have a hard time getting Snapface to make you look like a dog?  That's what I'm saying!


At Pixilated we've heard this phrase all to often, but on a larger scale.  As a growing event tech company in the Mid-Atlantic, we've come face to face with the reality that more metropolitan cities like New York, Boston, and San Francisco think we're just old cities sans facelift.  Whether it's Baltimore, Washington DC, or Philadelphia, we're just the old dog who never learned anything new.  

We get it.  Our cities are proud of the traditions that have formed here.  Our cities are OK with doing hard work without the glamour or attention.  But, Pixilated knows first hand how these old cities, our cities, are the first to use at least one new trick.  Baltimore, DC, and Philly are the first to take photo boothin' to the next level.

The Walters Art Museum, located in historic Mt.Vernon in Baltimore is one of our earliest clients; as a matter of fact we've been partnering with them since 2012. The Walters was established in 1934 and knows a thing or two about old dogs, but that hasn't stopped them from being some of the first to use our photo booth to boost their engagement with museum visitors, build email lists to drive re-marketing, and create awesome Walter's Art Museum branded material for social media.

Take a look for yourself.

Custom prints, DIY backdrops, props, using the Pixilated kiosk to teach history lessons, and allowing patrons to engage with the past.  Where else are you seeing that?  Only where Pixilated goes.

Curious how Pixilated can help your organization succeed, engage and learn new tricks? Get in touch here!

Stay tuned for parts 2 & 3 in this series!

Get Mixilated Is BACK!!! 1/18/17

Ladies and Gents!  We're super stoked to announce the return of the monthly Pixilated Spotify playlist!

That's right folks, it's once again time to #GetMixilated!  Our monthly Get Mixilated playlists are comprised of all of our employees' favorite jams of the day... er, month!  Dig in!

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